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 About Us


Les Aliments Artesano Food and our partners are committed to continuously striving to provide high quality meat products to food distributors, retailers and consumers across Canada. This mission is undertaken with the utmost integrity by each member of our team.



Les Aliments Artesano Food is a dynamic and progressive food importer and sale company. We are specialists in Deli-meats from Spain with special expertise in Serrano hams and Chorizos. We have products sufficiently diverse to meet the requirements of many categories in the food industry.



Les Aliments Artesano Food help the export development for our main manufacturing partners and offers new culinary horizons to our customers providing access to traditional, safe and high quality products. Our team is committed to serving our customers with the ultimate level of customer service. We also help to achieve our principal partner’s and customer’s success by operating under the following four fundamental values upheld by our team: Quality; Service; Integrity; and Commitment.



Our customers include food service distributors, retail chains, meat markets, restaurants, caterers, hotels and resorts dining rooms...



Les Aliments Artesano Food represents French and Spanish companies that are inspected and approved by the government and certified by HACCP, enabling us to always provide safe and high quality products to our customers.



Our products include a full range of deli-meats such as hams in different formats, Chorizos, Dry sausage, dried loin, different French and Spanish pâtés, delicatessen food canned, olive oils and pickled products.

We constantly introduce new products that meet the prerequisites of quality and originality imposed by our team in order to always offer to our customers exceptional products crafted by people who care.